Roadside Attraction

Conferring with the Flowers, Consulting with the Rain

December 11, 2019

For most of us music and literature types, December is a time to avoid nature and the great outdoors.  We mostly prefer fires, comforters, hot chocolate and that sort of thing.  But we thought we'd take a moment to consider wildflowers in winter.  The Roadside Hobo Band does just that.  The women's voices in Vivian can blend beautifully.  Visit the Live at Yellow Cab site to hear that.  Marceia Cornwell borrows Hanna Peterangelo from Vivian to join him on violin. Dimmy has a product to cure anxiety. Bill Mooney spoke of windows on the soul and on the world.  Maynard Beverly hit the road in Chapter Two of Scott Millsop's "The Last Summer Ball at the Cosmos". 

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