Roadside Attraction

I Like it Like That

June 12, 2019

The 2000 lb. Groundhog usually maintains a semblance of order at Roadside Attraction but she was on vacation for this show.  Sharon Lane stepped in as a replacement but instead of managing the zoo, she opened all the cages.  John Dubuc's Guilty Pleasures were the guest band and they sang "Peace, Love and Hamburger Helper", then Scott Millsop's story was called "Hamburgers" and it took five voices to perform it.  Matt, Red, Erich, Rich, Marceia, & Don offered a heart-breaker.  Dimmy Jean should be arrested for his bit.  Sharon said goodbye to Dr. John.  We all said goodbye to Rich Reuter.  Rich didn't die, he's just taking a break from playing seven days a week.  We think we'll see him again, which is good because he did something beautiful on guitar while Erich put down a hepcat beat behind Bill Mooney's poem and dig this, everyone rolled with The Name of the Place Is I Like it Like That.

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