Roadside Attraction

Life…Is A State of Mind

February 14, 2020


Brandon Berry is our musical guest.  He is usually handling the video part of the project, including running the camera, but he handed off a bit of that while he's performing.  One of the songs he sings is "I Gutted My VCR".  That explains a lot.  In this show, several things explain a lot.  Bill Mooney's take on the word Yum is something to aspire to.  Bill and Erich Reith did a drum and poetry jam that effectively balanced the previously attempted attempt to balance which actually led to imbalance.  Dude!  Khryss Blank is back!  Thaddeus played sweet music.  The Cosmos piece went off to an island in Arizona after witnessing an ant invasion.  Someone shouted "It's everywhere.  It's everywhere".  We edited that out.

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