Roadside Attraction

March Madness Takes Its Toll - 3-10-2019

March 18, 2019

Roadside Attraction is an American thing.  And for most of America, March is a grim, soggy, temperature fluxing annoyance.  That's why we had to invent March Madness.  For fans the basketball tournament is everything that March is not.  It's thrilling, captivating, exhilerating, heartbreaking, thought provoking and memorable.  For fans of the final team, it's the thrill of a lifetime and when it's all's spring!

Georgia Goad has a voice like that first spring day.  She's our guest.  Kyleen Downs joined the Roadside Band on lead guitar, and she can make a great tone.  Marceia Cornwell found a lowdown groove with guest drummer Don Winegar.  Matt Byanski and Red Baumgardener delivered a big duet.  Hanna Peterangelo, as always, conjures up another American place with sweet women in independent stances.  Paschal DeAloia joined Scott Millsop in Charlieville for a discussion of drinking and driving.  Dimmy Jean Products announced a new company.  Paula Unrau delivered a thoughtful take on metaphorical landscapes.  The poet Bill Mooney left us with a lovely image of a cello at sea.

Give it all a listen.  You'll have more than one experience.

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