Roadside Attraction

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up You Sleepyhead - 1-13-19

February 18, 2019

Smart, tough, passionate, authentic...Listen to Khrys Blank for more details.

Sometimes Sharon Lane is a hurricane force.  Here she shows an easy touch.  Windsor Knotts has a new take on an old classic and it delivers the message.  Matt Byanski and Red Baumgardner (Mini Bingo) front the Roadside Attraction band of Rich Reuter, Eric Reith, and Marceia Cornwell.  Hannah Peterangelo jumped on stage too. Dimmy Jean has bad advice for dinner guests.  Paula Unrau mulls over big ideas and Scott Millsop learns that something that should have happened did not happen.  Mark Jeffers and Molly Millsop walk us around in circles.  You might wind up right back where you started but if you think you're the same you're not paying attention.

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